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Winter Flowers

Many people don’t consider the winter to be a time for flowers. The cold and frost of most areas easily destroys the delicate petals of most species and the lack of sun prevents any growth from occurring. However, this time of year is wonderful to find special varieties of plants that grow during the time when not many other plants can be found. Not only do these plants provide some of the only color during this season, but they also reflect many of the traditional colors such as orange, yellow, and other fall and winter colors.

These flowers are often tied and made into various bouquets used to celebrate the holiday season. Creating these colorful arrangements often entails using many dried flowers as well as different types of berries that are common during this time of year. Many plants that flower during the warm months of the year also end up having small berries during the fall and winter, which are brightly colored. These are definitely worth growing during the summer to reap their benefits later in the year.

Winter jasmine is a popular style of flower that is bright yellow with a large yellow leaves that work great with many of the browns and other winter colors of the seasons. They’re also a bright color for a typically dark part of the year. Honeysuckle is also another popular choice for this season, but its color is not necessarily the most desirable aspect. Instead, its wonderful smell is what draws people to this delightful plant.

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