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Wild Flowers

Wild flowers are flowers that grow wild, obviously. These flowers are not cultivated for mass production like roses or other different types of flowers are. Instead, these flowers are let grown wild and many people and small companies cultivate these through picking them by hand. This practice is strongly discouraged by many different environmental organizations because it is believed to hurt the local ecosystem and inhibits the growth of these plants in the future. Instead, these groups encourage people to instead take pictures and enjoy hiking in these fields of flowers, which are best seen in their natural setting.

There are countless flowers to be observed in the wild. These flowers are both flowers proper as well as blossoms on fruit trees and other herbs. Each of these blossoms look great in their natural settings, because not only are the plants beautiful on their own, but they also look wonderful contrasted with the greens of grasses and trees.

Some of the most popular species to find are California poppy, cornflower, and summer pheasantís eye. Each region has itís own special varieties of plants that are fun to explore and identify. This exploration process and discovering them in their natural setting is often what makes appreciating them all the more enjoyable. As the seasons change so will the colors and the types of flowers that can be discovered so it pays to explore all year round to fully enjoy the experience. Not only will you learn about flowers, but youíll also get to enjoy being outside and staying active.

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