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Perennial Flowers

Defined simply, perennial flowers are flowers that bloom every year. They donít die off and they will continue to grow in a garden year after year. This attribute has lent itself to the sentiments of longevity and permanency, and so many people use their flowers within their home and during special occasions, like weddings, to express a hope of permanence for the home and the family. Plus, these flowers are beautiful with this metaphor and many people find them to be some of their favorite flowers to have just to look at. They are great choices for the garden as once they are firmly implanted in the ground, they last as long as the plant as healthy, bringing back wonderful colors year after year.

These types of flowers are some of the more popular flowers that are grown. Roses are a great example. Their bushes are quite hardy and strong, as well as thorny, and as such each year beautiful roses bloom. Tulips are another example. Their strong and tough bulbs blossom a new plant each year, usually in the spring, and moreover, these plants can easily be replanted and moved.

In addition to the very popular and common flowers that are known as perennials, common plants also grow flowers each year. These include herbs like bay trees and rosemary. These flowers are well liked and looked forward to by many people and their use in the garden adds more than just color, it adds flavor to the kitchen as well.

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