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Passion Flower

A passion flower is just one of nearly five hundred species of flowers, which all share certain characteristics, which are wonderfully unique, colorful, and splendid to behold. These plants grow on vines and form into bushes, though many people confuse the name for that of the passion fruit tree’s flowers, however they are actually just one of the many different species. These plants are tremendously varied like most species of plants, but have amazing characteristics that make it a standout on its own or as part of a larger floral arrangement.

These plants are wide flowers with ray-like petals, which spread out wide from the base of the blossom. Above this many fine petals that are thin like filaments fan in a complete circle around the blossom. The filaments and styles are especially vibrant, forming into squares, circles and ovals instead of the more common bud that is found on most plants. These three layers form a curious dimensional effect, made more complex and interesting by the differing colors for each level. Each piece can be nearly any number of colors, which fade and mix with each other. The combination of these colors make these plants very enticing to have as part of a floral arrangement or to just look at.

These plants have many uses aside from just being pretty. Many of the plants that have these flowers also grow fruit, such as the passion fruit mentioned above. Many hybrids have been formed from this plant for use with other species of plants.

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