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Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers are the best-known flower from India. This flower has become synonymous with the country and its culture and is featured throughout the countries history and religious traditions. The famous lotus postures of the meditating yogi or the birth of spiritual beings from lotus blossoms are just some examples. Itís not surprising once you have a look at these plants. They are bright and beautiful to behold, as well as quite large for a flower. Many people love these flowers simply for their look aside from their cultural significance.

These flowers are often displayed with lily pads, but this is a common confusion. Lilies have bright whites and other colors, while these plants are confined to pink and white hues mixed together. This by no means limits their variations. In fact, each lotus appears to be a bit different in color and leaf shape depending on the specific species or the plant itself. These plants can have both circular, ray petals, or a mix in between. The color can fade from pink to white or be a solid pink.

The interior of the flower is one of the most distinguishing features of this plant, which also has a great number of variations as well. The inside bud can be very pointed or squat and round, however regardless of the specific appearance, it will always be a bright and prominent piece that stands out from the petals of the plant, usually of a yellow color with intricate patterned black lines.

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