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Japanese Flowers

Japan has a long tradition of featuring Japanese flowers heavily in their artwork and imagery for centuries. Ikebana, the art of flower arranging, has been highly prized as an elevated art form that uses both the natural and the strategic in order to create beautiful arrangements that excite the mind. Though, you donít need this level of interest or discipline in order to enjoy the wonderful flowers that grow naturally in this country, or take advantage of the many special designs that can be found online or in books, which you can use to create your own unique creations. There are many types of flowers available now thanks to shopping on the Web, which you can have sent directly to your home.

Magnolias are probably the best known of the flowers from this country. These flowers grow on a large tree that can stand many feet tall. The buds are very large and grow quite big with six or so ray like petals, which have several layers of color, usually pink, white or a mix. Their form is embroidered on many flags and sheets throughout the country. The sakura, or cherry blossom, is next in line. These flowers grow on a large tree as well and have a very short life span, but when they are in bloom they are one of the most beautiful flowers to see. A mix of pink and white, they are small flowers, which are extremely bright. When they fall from their trees, they create a snow-like effect.

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