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Chapter 8: Online Florist Shops

When you are shopping for floral bouquets or arrangements there are a variety of online shops in addition to the stores that are located near you. Online floral shops have a variety of floral arrangements, flowers, bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, just to name a few of the many floral items that are sold there. The downside to online florists is that you will pay a fee for shipping and handling. The fees will vary from site to site for delivery. Also consider that most online sites have set bouquets and you might not be able to make your own creative arrangements for occasions and holidays. Research sites through a search engine and check reviews to make sure the site will work to suit your floral needs for the occasion you are buying the flowers for.

FTD is a popular floral site offering a variety of floral arrangements in a variety of vases and containers. FTD has a range of prices for their different floral arrangements. Bouquets start at around twenty dollars and go up to around 420 dollars. They sell bouquets for a variety of holidays and other occasions. FTD offers next day delivery if you are in need of flowers quickly. They also sell plants for those that want something other than flowers for a special occasion or holiday.

Another popular online floral shop is 1-800flowers which offers a variety of floral arrangements for your floral needs. The site offers delivery the day that you order so you can get your flowers quickly. The flower prices range from low to high. There are a variety of discounts on the site, as well. The discounts include daily deals, when items are on clearance, and special discounts. The deals for the site still had the flowers as being expensive so you may want to research the site to see if you can find a good deal or if you want to look elsewhere for floral arrangements. They also offer a line of flowers that are designed by Martha Stewart.

The above mentioned were just two of the many online sites that are devoted to selling floral arrangements. You can research the sites for special occasions and holidays. They have a variety of flowers to choose from. Each site will have a different selection of floral arrangements for each occasion and holiday. Some sites offer deals and you may be able to research codes for discounts for specific sites. Take time to look at different sites before settling on a bouquet in order to get the best deal and best floral arrangement for whatever the occasion may be. You may find a better deal and variety online than you could find in a local florist shop. Check reviews on the particular sites to see what people have thought of the bouquets or floral arrangements in the past so you are not disappointed by a bad floral arrangement. If you look at enough sites you will find a deal that fits your budget and an arrangement that meets your floral needs for whatever the occasion or holiday.

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