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Chapter 10: Tips to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Once you purchase your beautiful flowers online or from a local shop you will probably want them to last the longest that they can. You can ask your florist how to keep flowers fresher for a long period of time. Florists are experts in arranging flowers and also are knowledgeable in how to keep plants fresher for a long time. You can also research tips for keeping your flowers fresh online, in magazines, or in floral books if you are interested in learning more about that topic. You will be happier when you have your beautiful floral arrangement for a while.

There are many different tips for how to keep your floral arrangement alive for a longer time. One includes the use of Aspirin. When you use the Aspirin make sure to squash it and put it in the water that the flowers are in. Other pills that can be used to increase the longevity of your flowers are vitamins. Consider refreshing the flower water often to help the flowers stay fresh, as well.

Another tip is to utilize bleach in the flower water. You do not have to use a lot for fresh flowers. You use less than a teaspoon per liter of water. This will keep flowers fresh and help to not have bacteria growing in the water.

You can also add a penny to your water. If you had the penny and some sugar to the water the flowers will be fresher longer. Another common household item you can use to keep your flowers longer is hairspray. All you need is one spray in the flowers. Make sure to put some distance between you and the flowers so the flowers do not get too much hairspray on them.

Sugar and sugary sodas can also do the trick with flowers and freshness. If you use soda you will want to use a small amount of it. The sugar can be used with a penny or with vinegar. The vinegar prevents bacteria from developing in the water.

Keep in mind there are many more tips that are available for keeping your flowers fresh for a long time. Talk to your florist about what you can do and what will work the best for the particular flowers that you have purchased. You can research tips online as there are many websites devoted to this topic. Do not be afraid to try the different tips and see which one works the best for the flowers that you buy. Many common household products can be used to keep plants fresh so you will not have to worry about going out and buying something expensive for your flowers. The length that the flowers will last with the different tips is uncertain but it should be longer than a few days to a week which is the usual life of flower arrangements. Flowers often have a sentimental meaning to them and if you keep them fresher longer you will enjoy them for a longer period of time.

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