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Chapter 2: How to Find a Good Florist

Finding a good florist can be quite a challenge. There are numerous florists in practically every city and some are good and some are not so good. When you are looking for the bouquet that matches the occasion you want to go to a florist that will make the bouquet look gorgeous and make it work for that occasion. Take time to research florists in your area and see which ones are getting the highest customer ratings. Remember to look at the places to get an idea of if their bouquets would get your high marks. Just because some people like a florist does not mean that you will take the time to look into the florists and you will find a good one that meets your standards of excellence.

Decide what occasion you are buying the flowers for, the occasion could be a holiday or an event like a wedding or a funeral. In terms of some occasions you will not have as much time to look into the florists but you can still do research and find a great florist in your area. If you do have time before the occasion or event you can go to different florists and talk to them. Ask the florist questions about bouquets for that occasion and see if they can show you a sample of their work. Also ask about price ranges for such bouquets to have an idea of if the florist will fit your budget.

When you are viewing the sample take some time by yourself or with others to look at the bouquets and see if they meet your standards of quality. See if there are things that do not look right in the bouquets and compare to the other florists, as well. If you see something that does not look right in a bouquet ask if they are willing to modify the bouquet to not have that aspect of the bouquet or if the bouquet is set the way it looks in the samples.

If the florist does not want to modify their bouquets you may want to look elsewhere. Consider finding a florist that you can get along with and that is agreeable to your ideas. Special occasions will call for bouquets that match your interest and not necessarily that of the florist. Find a florist that is interested in what will please you.

Consider looking in local magazines or newspapers to see if anything has been published about great local florists. Read reviews from people that have used the florist in the past. Research the florist in person by talking to them and seeing if they are interested in making bouquets that will match what you had in mind for that occasion or event. Bring others along to see if they like the work of the florist and if they think the florist would be a good person to use for that particular occasion or event. Once you take time to look into florists you will find one that is excellent and will assist you with your occasion or event.

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