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Chapter 5: Floral Arrangements for a Funeral

Funerals are a sad time for everyone and flowers are an important part of most funerals. Some funerals will not have flowers due to religious reasons or the dying personís wishes. Flowers show respect for the dead person and for the family. The family feels there is respect for the death and will feel a little bit better with the floral arrangements in the ceremony. Consider going with a traditional funeral arrangement unless there are specific preferences. You will not have a lot of time to prepare for a funeral but enough time to research and find a good florist. Sometimes the funeral home will take care of getting the florist and the floral arrangement set up for the funeral.

Funeral flowers will usually be purchased by family or people that are acquainted with the deceased person. Consider talking to the florist about what arrangements are appropriate for a funeral if you are unsure what to buy. Florists have a lot of experience with arranging flowers for funerals.

Floral arrangements for funerals are symbolic of the loss and how people are saddened by it and expressing their grief for the departed. Sometimes the flowers will come with food or a token of sympathy for the family of the deceased. The bouquets for funerals can come in a variety of containers (baskets, vases, and other containers) consider what bouquet will look the best for the particular funeral.

Flowers for a funeral are sometimes bought just for making the ceremony look nice. They can be used for the wake, the viewing of the body, and for a reception following the funeral. They make the venue look nice and it is once again a sign of respect for the deceased. Flowers can also be left at the site where the person is resting for eternity.

There are special arrangements that are on top of the coffin. These arrangements come in multiple styles. They are often a large arrangement. The flowers can be the preference of the family or whatever flowers the deceased person liked. If you are uncertain about what flowers to use talk to your florist about ideas and to see a portfolio to decide if the style will suit the funeral.

There are other arrangements that can be used for a funeral. If you are religious you might want a flower arrangement that displays the religion like a cross, for example. There are multiple other designs as well; take time to look at different styles to decide what will work best for that particular funeral.

When preparing for a funeral decide what floral arrangements will work best for the ceremony. It is a tough time and you may need assistance from family, friends, or a professional florist. Decide what the deceased person would want in terms of a flower arrangement. If they liked a certain flower try to incorporate it into the funeral arrangements. Also consider what style you want the arrangements to be in and what will show the most respect and sympathy for the family and friends of the departed.

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