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Chapter 3: How to Build a Relationship with Your Florist

After you are able to find a good florist you will want to build a relationship with them. This ensures that you can use them for future events and occasions. You will also know that you are guaranteed quality when you can get along with your florist and provide your input on bouquets. It is not too difficult to build a relationship with your florist or any other service person that you utilize. By having a relationship with your florist you may benefit by getting special discounts, special bouquets that meet your liking, and tips that most customers would not get.

You should build a relationship with any service people that you utilize. Consider talking to the florist about your needs and being honest with them. Communication and honesty are key when building a relationship. Feel free to ask the florist questions the more you are able to communicate with your florist the easier it is for you to get along with them. Ask about discounts and different floral arrangements. You will never know unless you ask. Chances are if you come back often enough you will have access to special discounts and special arrangements that not everyone may have access to unless they have a relationship with that florist.

Make sure if you like the florist to use them for your special occasions and events, as often as you can. That way through working with you multiple times you will build a stronger relationship with your florist. They will also be more open to your input as you will be a valued customer to them and they would not want to lose your business.

Also take the time to hear what your florist has to say. As much as the event or occasion is about you, you want to be someone who is able to hear if the florist thinks your ideas will work or not. A relationship requires hearing on both parts and being able to understand what the professional is trying to do with your floral arrangements. If you do not like something you should feel comfortable enough to disagree professionally with the florist.

More than likely it will be easy to build a relationship with your florist. Florists want to keep customers happy and will most likely do what is asked of them. They want to please the customer so if you do not like something they will be more than likely able to modify the bouquet to meet your specifications. The florist will try to keep you coming back with special incentives. The incentives could include saving money on any floral arrangements you are interested in purchasing. They may even be willing to get you flowers that are not as common in your area if you are a regular customer. Keep in mind that you need to communicate with your florist to see if they can get you certain flowers, make special arrangements, or offer a discount as not everyone asks these questions.

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