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Fall Flowers

Fall flowers are flowers, which not only bloom in the fall, but often have many of the rough oranges and yellows that work great with homes and color designs for this cooler time of year. Any flower from this period of the year is a great plant to grow, even though many people are unfamiliar with late in the year gardening. It takes a little bit of work to do so, but fortunately, these plants can be successfully sown in the warmer parts of the year. Imagine, bringing fresh cut flowers into the home, when usually the home is dark and the light of the sun is less as the days go by. The time spent from gardening (or purchasing at the right florist) will be a great reward.

Annuals of many types are a popular choice for this type of flower. Depending upon when they are sown and the species, annuals can bloom at almost any time. This allows the clever gardener to plant in the summer instead of the spring to enjoy many of these plants. Marigold is a very common choice, which matches well with the fall colors. These plants have blends of colors that are usually some variant of red or yellow. Their florets are wide in disc and ray forms that make these plants look like a small sun, which is perfect for the cool part of the year.

For the gardener interested in working with these flowers, sowing and seed selection is vital to getting good results. Plants need to be a little hardier than in the warm part of the year and sowing canít occur too late as when the fall finally sets in, itíll be too dark to get much growth from the plants.

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